Continental Motors Ltd. warrants each new and pre-owned motor vehicle sold by Continental Motors will be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and maintenance, subject to the following terms & conditions:

Warranty Period

This warranty shall be for 2 years or 40,000 km, whichever is earlier from the date of sale to first owner, for brand new European cars. The warranty for pre-owned cars can be for 1 year or 20,000 km, whichever is earlier from the date of sale, please note that the warranty for pre-owned cars is also subject to model year of the car, service history and mileage.

Transfer of Warranty

Subsequent registered owners may obtain the benefit of any unexpired portion of this warranty by completing the Change of Ownership form and submitting it to Continental Motors 10 working days from the date of purchase of vehicle. The subsequent retail purchaser will be subject to all the provisions, limitations and exclusions of this new vehicle warranty.

Warranty Repairs

Warranty repairs must be performed by Continental Motors authorized service center; Continental Works only. Our workshop will repair or replace any parts (Engine and Transmission) which proves defective within the limit of the warranty at no charge to the customer for parts & labor, provided the warranty book given at the time of purchase is complete with all details of purchase and service history is presented.

Please note that all defective parts replaced under this warranty becomes the property of Continental Motors for from the day of repairs being performed.


  1. This Warranty will not apply to:
  2. a) Any damage that results from neglect of the periodic maintenance as specified by Continental Motors.
  3. b) Any damage that results from repair or maintenance performed using methods not specified by Continental Motors and any repairs or damage there of owing to repairs/ adjustments not performed by Continental Motors.
  4. c) Any damage that results from hard driving due to a race, rally or operation in a location not generally used for driving.
  5. d) Any damage that results from operation of a product/tool at any place where no products/tools of this kind are operated ordinarily. Any repairs or replacement required as a result of accidents or collision
  6. e) Motor vehicle being used as a taxi, in a rental service or app based ride sharing service.
  7. f) Any damage that results from operating methods other than those indicated in the owner’s manual or use beyond the limitations specified by Continental Motors (maximum load, passenger capacity, engine speed and others)
  8. g) Any damage that results from the use of non-genuine parts, non-genuine oils, aftermarket parts or accessories other than those approved by Continental Motors.
  9. h) Any damage that results from modifications not approved by Continental Motors (vehicle performance modifications, reduction of lights, enlargements and other changes)
  10. i) Inconsequential aspects such as noises, vibrations, oil seepages and sensations that do not affect product quality, safety, function or performance.
  11. j) Any damage that results from improper storage or transportation.
  12. k) Battery, Tires and Tubes are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship only.
  13. l) Any damage resulting due to usage of adulterated fuel/ lubricants and fuel/ lubricants used other than those specified by Continental Motors in owner’s manual.
  14. m) Any car on which odometer is not functioning, odometer has been changed or odometer reading been changed/tampered so that actual mileage cannot be determined.
  15. n) Consumable replacement parts.

Continental Motors will not warrant parts worn due to natural wear and tear. The parts and lubricants listed below are considered not covered by warranty.


Spark plugs, fuel filters, horn, wiper blade, oil filter elements, drive chains, air cleaner elements, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch discs, lights (excluding sealed beam), fuses, motor brushes, floor mats, step rubbers, wiper blades, belts, tyres, tubes and other rubber parts, glasses and other items specified by Continental Motors.


Oil, grease, brake fluid, power steering fluid, battery electrolyte, radiator coolant and other items specified by Continental Motors.

  1. o) Cleaning, inspection, adjustment and other periodic maintenance items.
  2. p) Any damage that results from natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, fire, collision, theft and secondary damages based on any of these occurrences.
  3. q) Any damage that results from soot and smoke, chemicals, bird droppings, sea water, sea breeze, salt, acid rain or other similar items.
  4. r) Any natural wear and tear including without limitations ageing, corrosion, etc.
  5. s) Body and paint work including any losses due to accidental damages.
  6. t) Any liabilities or losses due to riots, terrorist activity, mutiny, rodents bite etc.
  7. u) Any natural disaster that is beyond anyone’s control like flood, thunderstorms, earthquakes or any act of God.


The provisions of the Continental Motors vehicle warranty do not provide for any liability or any other cost expense or damages listed below that may be incurred by an owner while a vehicle is out of service during performance of any warranty, special policy or campaign work.

Expenses incident to warrant claim, including but not limited to:

  • Additional expenses incurred for communication, lodging, meals and other items due to break down of the product in a remote area/city.
  • Any expenses related to personal injury or property damage (excluding the product itself).
  • Compensation for loss of time, commercial losses, or rental cost for a substitute product during the period of repairs.
  1. This warranty is expressed in lieu of all other warranties expenses or implied and all other obligations or liabilities on its part.
  2. All disputes arising out of this warranty shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Dhaka only.



The required maintenance schedule specifies how often you should have your vehicle services, and what items need attention. It is essential that your vehicle be serviced as per the schedule to retain its high level of safety, reliability and emission control performances. The service intervals are in both distance and months for whichever occurs first. The service schedule and intervals assume you will use your vehicle as normal transportation for passengers and their possessions.

You should:

  • Avoid exceeding your vehicle’s load limit. This puts excess strain on the engine, brakes, and many other parts of your vehicle.
  • Operate your vehicle on reasonable road with the legal speed limit.
  • Always use the recommended fuel.
  • Drive your vehicle regularly over a distance of several kilometers.


  1. a) Check that the Warranty Registration has been registered with Continental Motors.
  2. b) The required maintenance as specified in this manual must be performed. Continental Motors recommends that the maintenance service should be recorded in the appropriate area of this manual by the authorized service center who performed the service.
  3. c) Deliver the vehicle to the Continental Motors Authorized service center to perform warranty repairs immediately when a defect becomes apparent.
  4. d) Use all reasonable means to protect the vehicle from further damage.
  5. e) Service records and service bills must be available to Continental Motors if required.



Prior to delivery of your new vehicle, Continental Motors or its authored service center has performed a complete pre-delivery inspection in accordance with Continental Motors’ inspection schedule.


The 3,000 km or four (4) months (whichever is earlier) or 6,000 km or eight (8) months (whichever is earlier) or 9,000km or twelve (12) months (whichever is earlier) period maintenance service are performed to ensure that every Continental Motors vehicle is given carful and first class maintenance which particularly, during the running-in period, is a requisite for satisfactory and trouble-free performance. It enables your Continental Motors authorized service center, Continental Works to check your vehicle during this critical early period and make any necessary adjustments.


All free services have to be availed within the fixed time frame or else the free services will be void.

It is mandatory to bring the warranty booklet to avail all the free services. It will be void if the booklet is lost/missing/damaged. You should inform Continental Motors authority immediately if the warranty booklet is lost/missing/damaged.